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Sugar pulp is a 100%of indigenous natural product which does not contain allergenic substances in general.

Body sugar is an ancient Egyptian hairdressing technique. Sugaring also has a long tradition in North Africa and the Middle East. Sugar removes skin hair by pulp of sugar up to a hair follicle and is hygienic, effective and gentle. Sugaring can be done in nursing homes and home conditions. Sugaring is certainly the most skin-friendly way to remove hair, and it is suitable for all types of hair and skin. It is ideal for both men and women, and sugaring can remove disturbing skin hair from almost any part of the body. Sugaring causes less hair inbreeding or hair follicle infections than waxing. Regular sugaring also significantly reduces hair growth. Company sugar mass is summer mass and this mass is at its best
July-October or also year-round if you live at home where
the temperature is very warm (+22C). The first time is
It is recommended to buy both masses, regular and firm, so that you can test
which is better for your continued use. There's time for both masses.
From the year when it's best for you, so you can't buy

The product will be accompanied by instructions on how to use the product and we will also regularly organise free sugaring workshops in cooperation with the Sugar brand. Ask us more about these!

Sugaring is not suitable for:

Skin thinning due to illness or medication (e. g. Roaccutan) or general condition
significantly weakened by a disease. Always make sure your doctor knows that sugaring is appropriate for you.

Sunburned skin.


Any area with infected pimples or lacerations.

Fresh scars in the sugar regions.

Areas with varicose veins, bruises, warts, moles, or scapulas.

You can't do sugaring in areas where special treatments have been given, e.g. Retinol,
chemical peeling or microgrinding. Wait until your skin is completely normal.

Active herpes in any area of the body/face.


INCIGlucose, fructose, aqua.

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