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Per Purr Mom & Baby Pack-wellbeing kit for mothers and children

54,90 €
A perfect wellness set for women of all ages, fresh or newly-mothers. This set contains everything necessary to treat the skin during and after pregnancy. Once your baby is born you can use Mom & Baby set products to treat and soothe your baby's delicate skin. Per Purr Relax and calm soaps are ideal for use in baby baths as well as for small children for daily cleaning.

The set includes:

1. Per Purr Relax Relaxing soap-a relaxing soap-enhancing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties are suitable for all skin types, normal, combination skin and dehydrating. The soap is also suitable for sensitive skin of children and babies. Lavender's scent relaxes and soothes both your body and mind.

2. Per Purr Calm Soap – A soothing soap is a super moisturizing soap that is also ideal for children and babies. Excellent for all skin types, normal, combination skin, and dehydrats. Soap for easy skin irritation, allergies and sensitivity. The soothing and warm scent of the product originates from chamomile, lavender and sage.

3. Per Purr RELAX Oil 100ML – body Oil is a soothing and lightweight body oil that quickly absorbs skin and alleviates skin irritation, especially due to dryness. The therapeutic aroma of oil is a blend of chamomile and lavender. Fragrances relax and improve your mind.
Relax Oil's high-quality vegetable-based ingredients and essential oils moisturize and treat the skin. The product is perfectly suited for sensitive skin and those suffering from Atopian skin. The use of oil is also recommended for expectant mothers and babies. When used for massage, the product soothes and improves sleep quality.

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