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Per Pur Detox Pack-Purifying treatment Set

59,90 €

Just like our body, our skin collects toxins. This set of treatments is perfect for purify and tone your skin.

Use 3 times a week. The ingredients help cleanse the skin and reduce inflammation, soften tissues and prevent problems related to poor circulation. Apply to damp skin so that the salt dissolves and the oils penetrate into the skin. Apply tight, circular motion using pressure in areas with fat and cellulite. Rinse the product off.

This cleansing oil renews the skin texture and locks moisture throughout the day. It has firing, diuretic and tinted properties that help stimulate blood circulation and reduce swelling. We recommend daily use during the first few weeks and after every other day for maintenance. After showering, put a small amount of oil into the body. Do not rinse.

Use every day in the shower to clean and moisturize the skin.

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