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One Seed Perfume Rain

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One Seed. is a 100%natural Australian perfume migration containing vegetable raw materials from which 80% are organic ingredients. Rain is an organic cologne (Organic Cologne) for men. Rain's perfume combines the fresh and refined aromas of rain: botanical musk, damp grass, spring violet, rose, tropical mimosa, labdanum amber and wetland blood. Natural perfumes come alive on your skin, so every smell is always one-night. Package size: 30ml.


Scent air: Fresh, earthly, flowery
INCINatural ethanol from grapes* (ethyl alcohol), 100%natural fragrance/parfum: (extracts from labdanum, violet leaf, rose, Australian sandalwood*, such as, mimosa, guiacwood, ambrette, vetiver*, hexanal (natural isolation), alpha ionone (natural isolation), mitti attar, poplar buds, tomato leaf, cepes, copaiba balsam), distilled water (aqua).
certified organic
Note: Our colognes are eau de parfum concentration.

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