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One Seed Perfume - Hope

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One Seed is 100% natural Australian perfume brand that contains herbal raw materials from which the 80% are organic ingredients. Hope is a fresh floral fragrance which combines pure geranium, fresh, sandalwood, floral violet and sunny tropical mimosa. A fragrance that evokes a quiet sense of, and clear your mind. Natural perfumes come to life on your skin, so each fragrance is always yksillöllinen. Pack size: 30ml.

Fragrance: Floral Sandalwood
INCI: Natural ethanol from grapes* (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural fragrance/parfum: (extracts from sandalwood Australian*, bergamot*, heliotropin your (natural isolate), cedarwood Virginia*, ambrette seed, alpha ionone (natural isolate), tonka bean, frankincense*,veratryl aldehyde (natural isolate), mimosa, orris root), distilled water (aqua).
*certified organic
100% natural. 86.08% certified organic. (39.08% organic fragrance ingredients)

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