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One Seed Perfume - Devotion

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One Seed is a 100% natural Australian perfume brand that contains herbal ingredients of which 80% are organic ingredients. Devotion is a sweet floral vintage style fragrance combining spicy musk and cardamom, floral iris and geranium, soft rose, black pepper, sweet ylang ylang and vanilla. Natural perfumes come to life on your skin, so each fragrance is always unique. Pack size: 30ml.

Fragrance: Spicy
INCI: Natural ethanol from grapes * (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural Fragrance / Parfum: (extracts from blood orange, black pepper, cardamom *, geranium, rose, ylang ylang *, coco, orris, gerban, vanilla *, benzoin, lime *), distilled water (aqua).
* certified organic
100% natural. 84.39% certified organic. (25.18% organic Fragrance ingredients)

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