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John Masters Organics Vented Paddle Brush, Shovel brush

34,90 €

Treat your hair with a salonless professional hair brush. Ionized bristles contain tourmaline, which makes hair brushing gentle and enjoyable, helping to create negative ions and dry the hair faster. The body contains a convenient air vent that makes the moulded drying even easier. The handle is ergonomically designed for a lightweight, environmentally friendly bamboo design.

How to use the brush: Select the appropriate moment. Use brush only on dry hair, wet hair can cause hair to break. Always start brusing from the tops and pass step-by-stage higher. You can open yourself by separating your hair into suitable segments and go through your hair each segment at a time. Hair is clear when brushing you will notice that the brush runs normally from the top to the top of the crown. Repeat brushing as needed. Periodically wash the brush with sulfate-treated detergents and remove hair deposits manually. Do not use any alcohol-containing products to wash your brushes.
Inci: Handle is made from lightweight, eco-friendly Bamboo
Ionic pad and bristles are infused with tourmaline

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