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John Masters Organics Combo Paddle Brush, Hairbrush

36 €

The salon-class natural bristle hair brush gently takes care of your hair. Ionized brush heads contain tourmaline, creating negative ions that help the hair dry faster. The smaller natural bristles, in turn, collect deposits from the scalp and lightly distribute the natural oil produced by the scalp throughout. Natural bristle makes hair treatment more pleasant and effective, without any hair breakage. The handle is ergonomically designed with high quality, lightweight and environmentally friendly bamboo.

How to use the brush: Use a brush only on dry hair, wet hair can cause hair breakage. Always start brushing from the tops and step by step upwards. You can help yourself by separating the hair into appropriate segments and going through each hair at a time. The hair is clear when you notice that the brush runs normally from head to toe. Repeat the brushing as needed.



  • handle is made from Lightweight, eco-friendly Bamboo
  • ionic pad and bristles are infused with tourmaline
  • reinforced bristles are 100% natural boar bristles

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