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Jade Roller by Katja Kokko

24,90 €

Jade Stone-made Gua Sha roller with plucking on face, neck, neck and décollation.
According to Chinese medicine, Jade improves kidney energy and purifying toxins, as well as
Substances from the body. Jade is especially good for a stressed mind and body.
You'll wake your skin in less than a minute with the Nyppylä roller! The winding is effectively
Blood circulation, boosts collagen production and improves the absorption of substances into the skin, but it
Violate the skin, such as Micronesia and is therefore more gentle and more hygienic. The winding brightees the skin and
Removes swelling.

You can roll your face with a nyppylä roll before applying skin care products to cleansed skin,
After applying skin care products or to make a roll at the end of your usual Gua Sha treatment.
The rollers should not be applied to inflamed and sensitive skin, couperyl, rosacet or skin with
Impurities are present.

After use, clean the roller with soap and water and dry it thoroughly. If you use an instrument
To treat others, it should also be disinfected. If the roller starts from the nits, dispense the fixing points
Drop any oil.

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