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INIKA Organic Pro Vegan Kabuki Brush With Case-Kabukisivelli

42,50 €

The perfect brush for spreading mineral makeup.

INIKA Kabuki Brush is the actual multifunctional tool. It features wonderfully bushy and silky soft synthetic hairs against the skin. With it, you get the mineral makeup to spread evenly beautifully on your skin. A real credit product.

User manual:
Use in conjunction with INIKA Mineral Powder-deficiency of the thigh. Spin the brush in a mineral powder and gently knock the brush to get the extra powder out. Apply the powder to face down and outwards with sliding strokes. If you want a more opaque result, apply the makeup powder in circular motions. You can layer the powder into areas which require additional blankets, such as dark circles and flippers.

Cleaning:We recommend cleaning the brush regularly to get the best result. Use chemical-free shampoo or brush soap and rinse with warm water. Squeeze out excess water and place the brush on its child to dry.

All INIKA brushes are made of soft synthetic fibres. The wood used in the brushes is acquired through sustainable forestry. 100% vegan and ethical.

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