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Gua Sha Massage Stone Storage Bag

19 €

Gua Sha is a massage stone made of jade stone for facial skin care. Gua Sha Facial Treatment Firms and Activates Facial Fluid.

The GuaSha massage method has also become very popular with facials. The waste products start moving and the wonderful treatment activates the fluid circulation and activates the cells to regenerate.
Guasha is an ancient Chinese massage method that has now gained popularity in facials. Treatment with comb-like movements activates fluid circulation, eliminating waste products and activating cells to regenerate. It removes dark circles and fluid, softens and brightens the skin, reduces pores and lightens pigmentation. Enlarged pores shrink and wrinkles and lines are smoothed. With just ten minutes of guashaim, you can get your skin covered and bright.

For example, dark eyelids or accumulated fluids are good targets for Guasha. It softens and brightens the skin, helping to reduce pores and lighten pigment spots. Guashaam takes no more than ten minutes and it feels good. In addition, the pores in the skin shrink and the wrinkles and lines start to flatten.
Instructions for successful guasha massage will be sent to those who order from our online store.
Instructions: Start your morning with the ghash. Listening is maintained throughout the day and the makeup remains better on the skin.If you want to do the treatment in the evening, you can relax the stressed facial muscles during the day. GuaSha massage has even been shown to affect insomnia. To begin, we recommend daily treatment for a week. Going forward as needed, for example every other day.

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