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Gua Sha children face by Katja Bonfire

37,90 €

Jade Stone made from gua sha spatula, which is specially shaped for facial processing. Chinese
according to medicine, jade improves kidney energy and cleanses toxins and slag substances
body. Jade is especially good for a stressed mind and body.

Specially shaped spatula sits really well on the bone of the face, jaw line, chewing muscles,
on the cheekbones and around the eyes, thanks to the different Burrows and wavy shape that is
the traditional gua sha comb more graceful. Thanks to the tapered edges, using a spatula with a flange,
it is easy to scratch the soles of wrinkles and make them smoother.

Gua sha is used in the treatment of lube so that the instrument slides on the skin pleasantly – high-quality skin oil
it's the best lubricant. Make a gua sha treatment at the end of your normal skin care routine. Moisturize the skin first
treat with liquid or face water and then apply oil to the skin. You can also use serum and
moisturizer normally before applying oil.

Clean the child after use with soap and water and dry it thoroughly. If you use the instrument
to care for others, it should also be disinfected.

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