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Beauty By Earth Pumice Stone

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Pumice stone is a unique type and an excellent tool for hardening of the soles of the feet. The pumice stone is a cellular lava stone and is found in nature, picked by hand and not modified by synthetic ingredients, so each has its own shape and size. Excellent gift idea. Pack size: approx. 140g.


Documentation: Soak your feet or hands (10 minutes). Dip and soapstone The pumice well from the side where you are rubbing. Never use without soap. The rich SOAP foam is the advantage of the pumice stone as it makes the exfoliation gentle. The pumice stone is so fine-grained that it is also suitable for hand care. Get your hands clean with berries, mushrooms and roots. Soaped moist pumice stone rubbing the heel edges and the hardening of the soles of the foot or the scinked palms. Rinse and dry the skin. After treatment, the skin of the legs and hands should be greased.


Inci: Volcanic Lava pumice Stone

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