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Beauty By Earth Konjac Body Sponge

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Beauty By Earth Konjac sponge moisturizes the skin naturally, peels gently and brightens the skin surface. Balancing skin pH, cleansing pores of dirt and tallow, reducing the formation of black heads and pimples. Reduces acne and impurities in bacteria and is also suitable for very sensitive skin. Beauty By Earth's body fungus also contains activated bamboo powder for the well-being of your skin. This body shape is completely biodegradable, nature-saving, environmentally safe and 100%vegan.


InstructionsAlways moisten the sponges well before use. Dip it in warm water and let it soak completely (for a few minutes). Squeeze off the extra water a few times. Clean the body with a swirling motion, either with a mushroom or soap. In addition to Lia and tallow, dead skin cells come off the skin surface and the skin clears. As the blood flow increases, the skin refreshes and regenerates. Wash the sponge after use under running water and squeeze dry between the palms (do not twist). You can sometimes disinfect a fungus with hot water. Hanging to dry in a dry, cool place. Mushrooms last a long time (1-3 months).


INCIKonjac Powder, Activated Bamboo Powder


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