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Beauty By Earth Self-tanning Spray Set

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With these three spa-like legs, you can easily and conveniently get a natural-looking tan without dark spots and stripes. The three-piece set contains: the foot on the body, face and cleaning. Golden tan with flawless finish. The Beauty By Earth self-tanning application glove is designed for "convenient hostesses" who want to make sure that after self-tanning application their hands do not look like they have been practicing diaper racing for years. With these application scales you ensure that you apply self-tanning as well as a professional. Easy!


InstructionsGrab the peeling gas and use it in the shower for pre-cleaning. Add a small amount of moisturizing spray gel to the peeling gas and thoroughly examine the whole body. Rinse with water. After this, switch to the glove and apply a very small amount of self-tanning to the face and decollete areas. Then use body care from the glove and apply self-tanning throughout the body, starting with the feet. Finally rinse your gloves with plenty of water and let them dry in a well-ventilated place.

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