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Beauty By Earth Detangling Hair Brush, Hair brush

29,90 €

Takku Brush for Natural hair clearance

Beauty By Earth hair brushes have originated in the children's Takku hair figment. Ordinary brushes tear the hair instead of being gently cleared from each other. Beauty By Earth Dough brush bristles are fastened unsystematically, allowing them to pass efficiently, but gently through the hair while also clearing the worst of the tacks from the hair. The Takku brush is the perfect tool for all hair types and people of all ages. The Takku brush is human-friendly, as well as nature friendly. It is made from 100% organic bamboo.
How to use the brush: Beauty By Earth Brush is perfect for any moment only. It can be used on both wet and dry hair. Always start brusing from the tops and pass step-by-stage higher. You can open yourself by separating your hair into suitable segments and go through your hair each segment at a time. Hair is clear when brushing you will notice that the brush runs normally from the top to the top of the crown. Repeat brushing as needed.
Inci: 100% Bamboo

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