Eco Beauty Wellness is an oasis of well-being and peace in the heart of Helsinki. Our shop has a stress-free zone. We are comprised of a group of professionals who combine a love of work, a visual vision and the fulfillment of dreams. Our activities include online cosmetics cosmetics retail and import, a clean air salon and spa in Punavuori, Helsinki, and a wellness blog. We want to bring to you a whole new understanding of natural cosmetics and natural lifestyles. Our product range contains only high quality, high performance natural cosmetics and inspiration for your overall well-being. Our products are suitable for everyone, but especially for those who care about their own well-being, quality and ethics.


Cutting energy

Hair energy cutting is a holistic hair cutting process that relaxes and at the same time initiates a cleansing process throughout the body. The hair is usually trimmed at 90 degrees, avoiding thinning and paying special attention to the natural direction of hair growth and swirls. After treatment, the hair is better positioned and more functional in everyday life. Indian Head Massage makes the client feel relaxed and refreshed and helps with neck and shoulder muscle tension. The energy cut is suitable for all hair lengths and models and is performed according to the client's wishes.

natural dyes

At Eco Beauty Wellness we use organic hair dyes, these hair dyes come from the leaves of organic bushes. The most common of these are Henna, Cassia and indigo. Various dried herbs and other plants such as nettle, sage or lemon are also used to enhance the colors. The result of the plant color depends on the condition of the hair and the degree of darkness. Vegetable colors also effectively treat the scalp in addition to the hair. The actual whitening cannot be done with plant colors, but it is possible to brighten one's own color. Brightening produces beautiful, natural tones. We do eg. merileväkirkastuksia. Ask more about our organic hairdressers.


Definitely one of the world's most gentle ways to lighten hair. We use Finnish Earth Earth Made and Ekopharman clay whitening innovations in our eco hairdressing salon. Biodegradable clay-soda whitening is an ecological way to lighten hair. It is so suitable for synthetically dyed, especially plant dyed and untreated hair and lightens a few degrees depending on the base. Clay whitening can be used to make whole head whitening and streaks using different techniques. The result is soft and natural. The treatment begins with clay washing or cleaning followed by bleaching. The effect time is 30-60 minutes. The mixture consists of only three ingredients: a clay-soda mixture and an oxidant. The oxidant is synthetic, its function is to open the pores from which the color can be changed. There is currently no "organic" alternative to oxidants. The end result is usually beautiful, though with a slightly beige tint. The whitening effect is usually based on the level of oxidant. The higher the oxidant, the lighter the color. Clay whitening can also only brighten the hair color by a degree or a couple so that the end result stays close to the natural level. Clay whitening is also suitable for dark haired people.


Scalp Treatments

Cleansing clay, peat, or seaweed treatment is always done when you want to move to a more natural direction in hair care. These treatments deeply cleanse the scalp and hair of deeply accumulated chemical residues and toxins. Ideal scalp treatments are also available for various scalp problems such as itching, scaling, psoriasis, obesity etc. Scalp care is also one of the essential things when it comes to plant dyeing. Clay mask is also suitable for treating oily and scaly scalp. Seaweed, on the other hand, is suitable for dry scalp and hair that needs moisture. We combine Indian cleansing treatments with cleansing treatments. Thanks to its relaxing effect, the treatment becomes a holistic pampering treatment. You can now also opt for a microcamera examination as an additional service, where staff will show you the details of your scalp and possibly guide you to further treatment.


Scalp microcamera analysis

We recommend microcamera analysis to help with scalp problems. A microcamera examination can be used to further investigate the problems of the scalp and hair and their current condition. Dry or greasy scalp, itching, excessive sebum production, or sebum, scaling, baldness and other ailments can be deeply researched and resolved and thus thoroughly treated. The survey provides accurate information about the customer's scalp and hair condition. This information can also be used to select the right treatment methods and aftercare products. With the help of microcamera research, the customer can see the situation before and after. seaweed, peat, or clay. The results speak for themselves, and we can warmly recommend an investigation if you really experience the slightest hint of a problem in your scalp. You will find microcamera research as an additional service for all treatments.


Almond Touch Treatment

The almond moisturizing treatment is especially designed for dry hair and stressed hair tops. The treatment uses cold pressed almond oil, known as the Queen of Oils since ancient times. Almond oil moisturizes, nourishes and stimulates the scalp and hair. The fine composition of almond oil speeds up the absorption of oil into the hair. If necessary, other oil blends are used in the treatment and eg. essential oils that give a more holistic treatment result. Almond touch treatment is especially suitable in addition to herbal color or cleansing treatment.

Indian Head Massage

The treatment consists of massage of the neck-shoulder and head area with organic oils and treatment of ear and face marmosets. Massage eases muscle tension, increases blood circulation, helps with insomnia and anxiety, and reduces stress.


John Masters Organics Structural Treatment (Intensive Wash + Fön)

Highly moisturizing and structurally styling hair, John Masters Organics body repair treatment is especially for dry or damaged hair that needs revitalization. We have our favorite products from the John Masters Organics series. The treatment is a pleasant experience and includes a scalp massage. Sensory scents also help to relax. Duration approx. 30 min.