Eco Beauty Wellness is made up of a group of professionals who combine a love of work, a visual vision and the fulfillment of dreams. Our activities include online cosmetics cosmetics retail and import, a clean air salon and spa in Punavuori, Helsinki, and a wellness blog. We want to bring to you a whole new understanding of natural cosmetics and natural lifestyles.


In our product range we have only high quality, high performance natural cosmetics products and inspiration for holistic well-being. Our products are suitable for everyone, but especially for those who care about their own well-being, quality and ethics.


We act as representatives and import eg. The following award-winning brands: Dr. Alkaitis, John Masters Organics, Herbfarmacy UK, Kahina Giving Beauty, Studio 78 Paris and Nailberry London - a completely vegan nail polish brand and 1001 Remedies well-being brands. We also find other interesting brands.



EBW Founder - Aila



I warmly welcome you to our shop!

Eco Beauty Wellness contains everything that is beautiful, natural and well-being in the words. With our stunning natural cosmetics, you can get to the next level in beauty care and beauty care. Every individual is beautiful and the most important thing for us is to maintain that beauty.

The idea to create Eco Beauty Wellness started with the desire to minimize harmful chemicals in everyday life, beauty care, hair care and the body. I am interested in studying the contents of the list of ingredients as well as the effects of the ingredients on our bodies, and in particular their effects on coping. It is obvious that life is not like yesterday. Today, we are more in danger of being exposed to a treadmill in a hurry, and getting out of it can take years. I've found things that produce pleasure for myself. These things include gentle cosmetics, sports, smiling clients and of course family.


From a small company we grew into a stable oasis of natural cosmetics in a few years and our products are sold in prestigious locations all over Finland.

It is our heart to pack our products so that our customers all over Finland can enjoy our ever-growing selection of products throughout the year. We support family businesses of all sizes, which have made their name with passion and authenticity. Our knowledgeable clients have already laid a great foundation for the fact that sometimes we can live safely on earth.

Over the next few years, we intend to continue investing in increasing the range of natural cosmetics, raising awareness of natural cosmetics, promoting our new Eco Beauty Wellness services, and, of course, improving the quality of our services.


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