Ekohoitolassamme  we specialize in high quality and effective natural cosmetic skin care products. We use selective natural cosmetic kits, such as Kahina Giving Beauty, Dr. Alkaitis, John Masters Organics and Herbfarmacy. We offer skin care for the face and body. We also treat the most common skin problems like acne, rosacea and atopy. In addition, our treatment room will treat you with sensitive, dry, oily and aging skin.



Only book a treatment time. Skin Care Professional Tailor the treatment according to your skin needs and wishes.

Facial treatment 1 h 89€ 

Facial treatment 1 h 15 min 99 € 

Facial treatment 1h 30 min 120 € Includes facial treatment, aromatherapy foot bath, foot scrub and massage.

Facial massage 45 min 65 €Includes double cleansing, massaging power product and end lotions. Improves facial blood circulation, removes waste products, brightens skin and clarifies facial features. It is also suitable as a maintenance treatment between larger skin treatments.


treatment Examples

Skin care for beautifully aging skin; a revitalizing facial that combines gentleness and effectiveness. The treatment supports the special requirements of aging skin by using skin-balancing herbs, herbs, essential oils and a nourishing massage.

Sensitive skin care; soothing and moisturizing treatment for sensitive or reactive skin. The treatment seeks to strengthen the skin's own resistance through abundant moisturizing and gentle treatment.

Cleansing and clarifying treatment; deep cleansing treatment especially for blocked and unclean skin. The aim of the treatment is to balance the sebum secretion of the skin and to lighten the skin color and improve the fluid circulation of the skin. Treatment includes mechanical cleansing if necessary.

 * Facial treatments include, if you wish, cleansing or shaping the eyebrows.





Upper body treatment 1 h 80 €The upper tension relieving treatment includes dry back brushing and cleansing, followed by back massage. Décolleté and hand massage complement upper body relaxation.

Body treatment 1 h 45 min 120 €Relaxing, blood circulation boosting and deodorizing body treatment. The treatment includes aromatherapy foot bath, dry body scrub, soft peeling of the body and body massage.

Foot treatment 1 h 65 €The treatment begins with an aromatherapy foot bath, including a soft belly peeling, handcrafted foot skin care, nail and nail cleansing. Finally, the feet receive a relaxing massage. As an additional service nail varnishing.



SKIN CARE CONSULTATION 40 €Personalized skincare guide to your needs and wishes. Get comprehensive instructions for optimal care of your skin. The consultation includes products of your choice of the value of the service.



permanent dyeingFor permanent coloring we use professional herbal corner and eyelash gel that does not contain PPD. The effect is based on the combination of silver nitrate and a herbal color gel, which makes the process pleasant, gentle and fast.

Eyelashes and eyelashes 33 €, treatment 27 €

Eyelashes € 22, treatment € 18

Angles 22 €, treatment 18 €



HAIR REMOVAL WITH SUGARWe use Sugarina, a natural natural cosmetic mass, for sugaring. Sugaring is done by removing the hair with sugar mass down to the hair follicle. The method is hygienic, efficient and gentle.

Upper lip 15 €

Armpits 22 €

Lower leg 40 €

Bikini line 35 €

Brazilian Sugaring (Women) Intimate Sugaring 70 €

Sugar Package1 / Legs / Armpit 59 €

Sugar pack 2 / Legs / Armpits / Bikini limit 89 €

Sugar Pack 3 / Legs / Armpits / Brazilian € 110


* All prices include VAT 24%