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We Love The Planet Original Orange Deodorant

16,90 €

We Love The Planet lubricated is 100% organic, aluminum-non deodorants. Natural ingredients include organic coconut oil, cornstarch and St. John's Wort oil. Thanks to the baking soda contained in the deodorant, unpleasant odour is kept out all day. The ointment is elastic in composition and it is easy to apply to the armpits thined. Deodorant does not support pores and is rapidly absorbed.

Original Orange smells lightly from mandarins. The scent is not strong.

To use: Apply a thin layer of ointment to clean armpits every morning. Avoid too thick layers: the deodorant is effective on thin spreads, and too thick layers may stain clothes.

In one jar, ointment deodorant is sufficient for daily use for about two to three months.

After use, the metal box is easy to recycle or save for other use.

Deodorants have been awarded the NC Quality label (Natural Cosmetics Standard) as well as the 100% ECO-Control label for organic coconut oil used as the main raw material.

48 G.

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