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Herbfarmacy Dandelion & Burdock Extract - cleaning the extract intracommunity introduced

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A fantastic Taraxacum officinale arctium cleaning elixir comes on top of the various drink smoothie or taken with the water. Taraxacum officinale arctium extract is used as part of the global body - and the excellent skin cleansing routine internally for the purification of impact, thanks. Dermatological purifier works also supporting the liver and kidneys - to help aid digestion and is also an excellent maintain overall wellbeing. Not his own strong flavour and taste, so fits very well for everyone, including children. The extract herbs are collected and are made by hand on his own farm Herbfarmacyn Herefordshire in the Highlands, a big in Britain. 

Eczema is recommended to use the type of eczema Herbfarmacy ski Rescue balm, with the same goes for psoriasis and type of acne problems. Packaging: 50ml.

How to use: Enjoying a few drops of twice daily smoothie, mixed in with the juice or water - See more precise dosing instructions from the bottle. Thanks to dropper bottle easy to administer. Fits into the course of nature to another use.

Inc:50 per cent of the Extract Fresh Organic Dandelion extract, 50 per cent of Fresh Organic Burdock (both in 25 per cent ethanol.)

100 per cent vegan

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