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Rahua Color Full Conditioner-Protective conditioner

49,90 €

This color-protecting conditioner brings life into and shine to the colour-treated hair. It moisturizes hair and helps prolong color duration. The full-bodied composition includes Omega-9 fatty acids with rahuaoil, which helps to lock the color of the hair while nourishing and strengthening the spirits and damaged hair. The vitamin C and E-rich Moorish palm protects the environment from adverse effects, clay helps to keep the color clear, eliminating the unwanted yellowish and reddish nuances that appear in the election and brown hair. Suitable for all hair qualities and coloured or striped hair of all shades. Vegan product. Pack size of 275ml.

User manual: Apply conditioner to towel-dry hair lengths and tops after shampooing. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse with water.


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