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Katya Kokko Yin Your Skin Gua Sha Spoon

49,90 €

Gua sha spoon made of jade stone for the treatment of face, neck and especially the skin around the eyes.

The spoon-shaped gua sha is a particularly good tool for activating and swelling the lymphatic circulation. It is the number one tool for the eye area. When you cool the spoon in cold water, you will receive a heavenly and effective ash treatment for the skin around the eyes, which removes swelling and brightens the dark under eyes. The spoon also fits very well for the neck, neck and décolleté and can also handle the entire face. By using the side of the spoon, you can wrinkle the bottom of the wrinkles and enhance their smoothing. The other end of the spoon is perfect for handling acupoints.

Gua sha is treated with a lubricant to make the device glide on the skin - high quality skin oil is the best lubricant. Do a gua sha treatment at the end of your regular skin care routine. First moisturize the skin with lotion or face water and then apply oil to the skin. You can also use serum and moisturizer as normal before applying the oil. After use, clean the spoon with soap and water and dry it thoroughly. If you use a tool to treat others, it should also be disinfected.

Gua shaa No recommend if:

  • the skin is damaged or inflamed
  • Rosacea, acne, or perioral dermatitis is present on the skin (no symptoms should be treated on the skin, but under and around these can still be treated and for example rosacea and acne treatment of the neck area is useful)
  • if you have been given fillers or injections over the last three months

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