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Kahina Moroccan Rose Water-Rose water

49 €

100% organic steamer rose water from the Moroccan Rose Valley. This gorgeous organic rose flower water is ideal for the use of traditional facial water, as well as for light make-up cleaning and full body refreshition. Handles especially dry, delicate, couperous and aging skin, but is also suitable for other skin types. The Rose water, which is crowned with beauty water, soothes skin irritation, purifies the skin and increases skin elasticity. The fresh rose scent also soothes your mind. Does not contain alcohol. From the mineral-rich Atlas mountains, Kahinan rose water is also filled with minerals. Rose water is a gently astringent, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristic of the pores. Package Size: 100 ml.

Can be used as a face pull, make-up cleaning or rejuvenating throughout the day. Spray under the face oil and face cream and always after cleaning. 

Inci: 100% Steam-distilled Rosa damascena

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