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Gua Sha Kampa by Katja Kokko

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Jade stone gua sha comb for face, body and scalp. Chinese
According to medicine, jade improves kidney energy and purifies toxins and waste products
from the body. Jade is especially good for a stressed mind and body.

Jadek stone comb is the number one gua sha tool because it fits the whole body
treatment from head to toe. The U-shaped head fits well into the jaw line of the face, cheeks,
neck and neck. The long side of the trowel is good for decollete, face and body.
Hair scalping, in turn, feels heavenly and effectively releases tension
and triggers stress.

Gua Sha treatment uses a lubricant to make the device glide on the skin for a pleasant skin - quality skin oil
is the best lubricant. Do a gua sha treatment at the end of your regular skin care routine. Moisturize the skin first
lotion or face water and then apply oil to the skin. You can also use serum and
moisturizer normally before applying the oil. Body oil is applied to the skin of the body.
After use, clean the comb thoroughly with soap and water and dry thoroughly. If you use a tool
to treat others, it should also be disinfected.


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Susanna K.
Finland Finland
Ihana Gua Sha Kampa by Katja Kokko

Gua Sha Kampa oli juuri sellainen, mitä toivoinkin. Monipuolinen tuote rentouttaviin aamuhetkiin. Iloa toi myös kauniisti paketoitu lähetys. :)

Jenni K.
Finland Finland
Gua sha kampa

Kaunis, hyvin muotoiltu tuote kehon ja kasvojen helpohkoon itsehoitoon. Tuotteen viimeistelisi kestävä puinen tms. säilytysrasia.

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