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Cultivator 's hair coloring Henna

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Cultivator 's vegetable dyes are doing your hair strong and glossy. Organic crops are based on intensive colours are easy to use and the guarantee of natural, attracted by the outcome. Each the tone of the mixture contain aloe vera, which runs the hairs and leaving them soft and thick felt, therefore. Color selection is delicious overtones chocolate soft light-colored, mulled wine at a red and black intensive. Cultivator 's hair colors are safe semi-permanent colors, who are leaving the hair with progressively washes. Phytopigments work together in the hair with their own pigment, so the final staining affects hair colour, the current utvärderingar chemical treatments, staining life and the temperature. Use clean, high-quality henna, when you want delicate and intensive orange-red tone. Always make Tress before spreading across the colour of hair - this will ensure the desired outcome. Packaging contains 4 Colour Powder bag, dye-binding hat and gloves. Short hair dosage instructions: 1 bag, a half-length hair: 2 bag, with long hair: 3 bag, a very long hair: 4 bag.


Manual: More Toner of warm water and stir the smooth, creamy into mass. Spread or dry clean towel-dried hair, beginning at the base and anna seems 30 to 90 minutes dye-binding hat below. A longer life makes the outcome of the intense. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water. The colour is developing another 48 hours, during which shampooing is not recommended.


Tips and information: If your hair is dyed chemically, not 5-6 weeks before the break in the dying the yarn Cultivator 's hair colors. Covering the grey hair may require two to three dye-binding times. The colour does not damage the hair, so you can be stained again for the next day. Darker and more intensive tone achievement can sometimes require another once dye-binding, but do not expect the colour of the development of at least 12 hours before the second dye-binding times. Vegetable dyes do not contain chemical oxidized, so they do not lighten the hair. Plant colors will, however, it is possible to restore their own light tone, dissipate root growth and bring to light the hair of a new tone.


INC: Lawson inermis (Henna) Powder, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Powder

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