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Aquis Haircurbaani, Cloudy Berry.

39 €

Patented hairspray dries the hair quickly and effectively. At the same time, it keeps the hair off your face, so you can do morning routines calmly or focus on makeup. Tonight, after the shower, you can wrap your hair in a turban, put on a mask and relax. Aquis hairspray is woven using a unique technique called Aquitex. Soft lisse luxe material absorbs water six to eight times faster than ordinary cotton. The turban sits on its head when you roll over the fabric once or twice and attach the turban loop to the button on the back of the neck. Turban absorbs so much water that it is not necessary to use hot air to dry hair. After a few washes, you'll notice that the hair feels healthier and has a natural shine. You can wash the turban in a washing machine. Made from fine microfibre (80%polyester, 20%nylon).

For particularly long and/or thick hair we recommend Aquis Long Hair Wipe.

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