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Beauty By Earth Boar Bristle Hair Brush

29,90 €

Hair follicle for natural hair analysis and scalp support

Beauty By Earth's hairbrushes are the beginning of a study of children's tachycardia. Normal brushes rip hair out instead of carefully sorting it out from each other. The Beauty By Earth boar bristles are mounted in an unsystematic manner, which allows them to travel efficiently but gently through the hair while also clearing the worst guarantees about the hair. Natural brush is the perfect tool for all hair types and people of all ages. It is suitable for both hair clarification and hair styling. Beauty By Earth hairbrushes are both humane and nature-friendly. Regular brushing with a natural brush brush for three to five minutes a day promotes hair follicle renewal and therefore hair growth. Made in USA.


How to use brush: Use the brush only for dry hair, wet hair can cause hair to break. Always start brushing from the tops and move up towards the top. You can help yourself by separating your hair into suitable parts and going through your hair each piece at a time. The hair is clear when you brush and you notice that the brush normally travels from head to top. Repeat the drill as necessary.
INCIPure Boar Bristles, Nylon Pins, bamboo (bottom bamboo)

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