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Aquis Hair Turban White, white

39 €
Patented hair turban for dry hair quickly and efficiently. At the same time it keeps your hair away from the face, so you can take care of your morning routines in peace or focus on makeup. In the evening, after showering, wrap your hair in turban, spread the mask on the face and relax. Aquis® Hair Turban is woven with unique Aquitex® technology. Soft Lisse crepe material absorbs water 6-8 times faster than regular cotton. The turban sits firmly on the head when you flip around the fabric once or a couple and attach the loop in the turban to the button on the neck. The turban absorbs water so much that it is not necessary to use hot air when drying the hair. After a few washings, you will notice that the hair feels healthier and has a natural gloss. The turban can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees without softener.

Use this way:

1) Wash the towel before first use. Prefer a gentle detergent, as the chemicals that are too strong will damage the towel fibers. Do not use bleach or flushing agents. Avoid using the tumble dryer, the towel dries quickly in the room air.

2) Wash your hair normally, avoid using too hot water. Squeeze excess water away from the hair gently. Wrap the towel around the hair. Do not rub!

3) put the towel/turban to dry immediately after use.

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