Tips for dry Brusher

Would you like to make the skin softer, reduce the amount of ingrown hair, brightened skin tone and peel dead skin cells? Planning a self-tanning product, or are your toes and fingers often cold? Or would you miss a relaxing moment? I recommend to try dry brusher.

Per-purr dry brush-Detox Oil


My tips for dry brusher:

  • Do not dry the brush areas where the skin is broken or inflamed.

  • Listen to your body and feelings. Dry brush as often or as seldom as good as you feel.

  • Start dry brushing from the legs and proceed from the bottom up. Use small and rotating movements or polar poles, slightly longer bets. Brush around the heart.

  • The power does not need to be used, and the brushing should not seem as if you are rapping the skin. At first, the brush may seem quite rough and slightly scratched on the skin, but the skin gets used fairly quickly. You can initially brush your skin for a few minutes and lengthen the time gradually, depending on what feels good.

  • Take a shower after a dry brush to rinse the dead skin cell.

  • After showering, you should still moisturize the skin.

  • You should make a dry brush for yourself a relaxing moment and enjoy it, you will relax your body in addition to your mind.

Per Purr Body brush is very clever in your hand. It does not have to be squeezed with a rubber band. Bristles are longer than my previous brush and slightly more robust. This brush also does not shed much bristering, unlike a few other brushes I have tried. The brush is suitable for both washing and dry brushing. In addition, the brush also looks like a pretty look.

I like the dry brush because it gets effectively removed from dead skin cells, it relaxes my mind and feels like the blood starts to rotate better, some toes and fingers do not feel so cold anymore. I'm going to try dry bruss even after a holiday to refresh my standing-tired feet.

After dry brusing, I have used skin moisturizing Per Purr detox body oil. Per jar There are four other body oils (relax, brightelant, sporty and Antiox). The oil feels surprisingly high and it's worth spreading even a hint of damp skin. I also like the fact that the product is absorbed fairly quickly and it is a wonderfully cheerful fragrance. It clearly distinguishable from citrus as well as fennel, my sister came to mind the scent of lemon licorice. The packaging of the skin oil is also 100 ml, so you can take it even if you are on a trip to the air.

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