Welcome to the team - Emilia Haapala

We have received much desired confirmation from the team of the new hairdresser Emilia Haapalan  with the arrival. Emilia is currently training to become an eco-hairdresser in Keuda, and is now slowly transitioning to part-time and later full-time work at Eco Beauty Wellness. Emilia's work is now up to -15% up to the end of May.


Below is a little more info about Emilia: “I graduated as a hairdresser from Jyväskylä in 2009. I had a dream job for a few years until I became sensitive to chemicals and fragrances. That is why I was studying a new profession in the social field. However, all the time, I had an idea inside me that if I could one day somehow pursue the profession of hair. That's what makes the idea to ekokampaajan studies, of which I am more than excited. Graduation from school in May 2020. I have long used natural cosmetics and learned to understand how synthetic chemicals affect our living environment and our health. In my work as an eco-hairdresser, I want to take people into account as a whole, our hair crowns, which can be ecologically nurtured to deliver the most beautiful results. ”


If you would like to book an appointment with Emilia, you can use the direct link here:https://www.ecobeautywellness.com/pages/ekokampaamon-ajanvaraus


You can catch her at our work number 0449897777. Note. Remember, Emilia doesn't start all week, but you can also send her a call request.


Beautiful mid winter! :)

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