Powerful and sufficient serum-like face water - Dr. Alkaitis Herbal Toner

When I first browsed through the Eco Beauty Wellness brands, I was immediately interested Dr. Alkaitic  under. For over 20 years, the brand has been guided by the phrase, "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin." Furthermore, the raw materials of the products are not heated above 37 degrees. Sounds to my ear quite safe and effective.

If you want to avoid unnecessary tightening of the skin and dehydration as the weather cools down, it is a good idea to take the hydrating lotions off before the fall.

I am currently testing Dr. Alkaitiksen Herbal Toner. I was delighted to read the inci list because it was extremely easy to read. It contained aloe vera, plant extracts, grape alcohol, algae, vitamins B and C, and a fragrance blend of essential oils.

Grape alcohol was a whole new ingredient for me. I went to Dr. Alkaitica's website and it was said that organic grape alcohol does not dry or harm the skin and is so pure that you can even drink it. It is antibacterial, strengthens the skin and balances its natural pH. Grape alcohol also helps in the absorption of the product. That is, not all alcohol in cosmetics is harmful or useless.


I especially like how effective Herbal Toner feels. It is really sufficient, with a small amount spreading easily throughout the face and quickly absorbed into the skin. The product can be applied without worry as it does not leave a filmy layer on the skin. In my opinion, the composition is not just watery, it has a little serum feel. Although the product can be exfoliated, it may not need multiple coats to make the skin feel soft and moisturized. I put 1-2 layers on the whole face and a third on the forehead as my forehead has some small patches. Actually, I was really surprised at how little this product needs to be used compared to how it makes my skin feel.

I have found that Herbal Toner to balance and soothe my skin and evens out its tone. The face feels cooler and fresh after the product. If you have spent the day in the sun, this product feels wonderful to apply to revitalize your skin. I also like how this makes my skin feel soft, without the feeling that there is something left on my skin. The product has a strong herb, rosemary and drowsiness.

Dr. Alkaitic has no product lines for different skin types, but products designed to balance the skin.

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