Peace launch event 9.5.

Welcome to celebrate with us luxury hair care series Rahua's launch at Eco Beauty Wellness on Thursday 9th May. starting at 4 p.m. Annette Peltola of Rahua, who tells all the secrets of the Amazon Miracle Oil product line, is here! Come and find out how to treat your hair properly and what products are right for you. If you belong to the famous Curly Girl, moisturizing products are the perfect gift for your curls!


The launch event will serve sweet delicacies and organic kombucha. In addition, there will also be an offer for the product line.


Finding good hair care products is often a challenge, which is why our house makes it a little easier for you. We want to invest more in hair care kits that really work. Our house seeks to select the product lines that have been found to be the best and most effective in the natural cosmetics market. Eco Beauty Wellness will be the distributor of the Rahua product line in Finland. For new dealers we hope to contact by email at sales (at)




What is Rahua?

The roots of Rahua's product line lie in the Amazon rainforest, the traditional doctrines and beauty rituals of Quenchua-Shuar women. Rahua (pronounced Ra-wa) is a nourishing and softening oil that women apply to their hair to make it thick, shiny and smooth. New York-based hair designer Fabian Lliguin discovered the secrets of Peace Oil and initially tested Peace Oil on the hair of their clients and, with incredible results, developed a complete line of hair products around this miracle oil.

The effectiveness of Rahua oil is due to its molecular structure: small molecules can penetrate the hair and strengthen the individual hair from the inside. In this way, the hair becomes smooth and soft. Due to its unique properties, Peace Oil is obviously a star ingredient in Rahua products.

From the outset, it was important to Fabian Lliguin that his product line should be ecological and organic from start to finish. This is a tribute to traditional tribal rituals and, more broadly, to the nature of the whole world. Peace does not want to destroy nature, but promotes its diversity and beauty.

Explore Rahua's gorgeous, luxurious products of 100% natural origin. Of course, vegan-friendly products made from organic ingredients are animal-free and contain no parabens or sulfates.



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