Per Purr Body Oils and Beautifully Aging Skin!

When you want to have a good body, choose your Per Purr body oils! All Per Purr body oils nourish your body with good fatty acids and antioxidants, thus providing intense moisturizing and firming to your skin. Per Purr from Spain produces five different body oils for every taste and need. Also included is a great detox oil that is perfect for spring cleansing. Regular use of oil helps keep the skin healthy and supple, and helps prevent, among other things. stretch marks.

Body oils are absorbed into the skin's surface layer, creating a barrier barrier to the skin and delivering important active ingredients to the skin. Some essential oils have even been found to reach the bloodstream, whereby the therapeutic effect is enhanced. Herbal cold pressed oils are packed with nutrients that are vital to the body.Per Purr's body oils all contain therapeutic essential oils.

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Per Purr from Spain produces five different body oils.


Cleansing and circulatory body oils


Per Purr Skinny Body Oil Body Oil  - is a skin brightening and diuretic body oil. Skinny oil is a rich body oil that nourishes the skin, provides elasticity and firmness, and maintains a natural moisture balance. A daily massage helps to remove fluids and toxins from the skin and activates microcirculation, which in turn helps to remove the underlying layer of fat and scars. Juniper essential oil has purifying properties and promotes eg. By eliminating uric acid and other toxic residues from the body, frankinscense essential oil soothes, almond oil in turn moisturizes and significantly reduces skin stretch marks, wrinkles and other skin problems. Has a grounding fresh scent. Very good when you are on a diet regimen and want to help your body eliminate excess slag. It's also worth using Per Purr Body Brush or for example Kahina Kessa Mitt - Stripping Glove

Per Purr Detox Body Oil Body OilFirming, metabolic and dirty body oil helps the body cleanse its waste products. The lightweight composition and quick absorption make the application a pleasant experience. The scent of lemongrass stimulates the mind and body, bringing energy. Detox Oil body oil improves skin texture and deeply moisturizes it. The product reduces swelling in the body and activates the lymphatic system. Regular use improves blood circulation and tightens muscle tissue, removing excess fluids from the body.

For aging skin

Per Purr Antiox Body Oil - is a great anti-aging type nourishing body oil. Firming and anti-aging body oil is perfect for dry skin where signs of aging are already evident. The oil is also ideal for use as an after-sun moisturizer after sunbathing. The fresh, soothing and spicy scent of the product boosts the mood. Antiox Oil Body Oil repairs skin damage caused by aging, restoring skin elasticity and firmness. Oil smoothes out skin color and fades liver spots, for example.


Body oil for preventing and treating inflammation

Per Purr Sporty Body Oil Body oil  - isan anti-rheumatic body oil suitable for use after physical exertion or workout. The lightweight composition and quick absorption make the application a pleasant experience. Regular use of oil helps keep skin healthy and supple. Contains the well-known Amazon Andiroba oil, which has been medically tested to be a powerful anti-inflammatory anti-rheumatic oil to prevent muscle aches. Pelargon essential oil is a natural cleansing and healing oil. Ginger oil, on the other hand, is a great energizing and antibacterial oil.


What is a Body Brush and how can I do a dry brush?

Dry brushing is anti-aging at its best. An ancient and very simple method of cleansing the whole body and brightening the skin. Regular dry brushing effectively removes dead skin cells, keeps the skin smooth and clear, and prevents hair from growing inward. Continuous use improves blood circulation and activates lymphatic circulation, thus helping to reduce cellulite and eliminate excess toxins from the body. Dry brushing strengthens and stimulates collagen production, which prevents premature skin aging. Dry brushing is part of the daily Ayurvedic ritual. In this case, it is recommended that the body be thoroughly brushed in the morning to enhance metabolism. Per Purr Body Brush is made from agave bristles and is very effective in stimulating blood circulation in the body. The bristles may feel a little hard at first, but in use the bristles will only slightly soften, so dry brushing will always feel better. Dry brushing is also good if you sugared it.



How to Make a Successful Dry Brushing |


1. Start dry brushing. First, go through your feet and slowly move up to your hands, as if in the direction of the heart. Rinse body thoroughly with dry skin cells.Take a shower or bath as usual.

2. Wash your body with mild soap. For example, with Per Purr Natural Shower Gel or if you are planning a relaxing sauna night, you can use the Kahinan Beldi soap  the effects of which improve in the heat.

3. Dry the skin with excess moisture.

4. Rest and finish the ritual with a treating body cream and oil. We strongly recommend this Per Purr Natural Body Cream  and the body oils mentioned above.


If you need help choosing the right products for you, you can always contact us at customer or directly at our eco-cosmetologist


Have a great ski holiday for everyone and take care of your body!

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