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Hello all, I'm Jenni and I will write to you my experiences with Eco Beauty Wellness range of products. Someone on the other side of the screen might be thinking that a moment, now a familiar face. It is possible that you may have read my personal blog some years ago where I also wrote about natural cosmetics and a bit more.

In addition to natural cosmetics, my other passion is green plants. We have a small jungle at home, briefly plant per square. I also like to do crafts and my grandma wakes up every now and then to start a new crochet project. Outside the home, also I'm pretty keen on the museum card vilauttelija.

I also got a few questions from Aila during this presentation.

How did the enthusiasm for natural cosmetics come about?

I have been interested in cosmetics for as long as I can remember. I followed the 365 days with Ida blog (I still follow) and first encountered natural cosmetics there. It was a whole new, fascinating world that had to be explored. I noticed that after East's cosmetic writing, I continued to google on the subject and soon I found myself between the cosmetic shelves. It was then going in 2016 and there has been no return. Thanks Ida!

What was the first natural cosmetic product you changed your way to?

The first natural cosmetic product that remained in everyday use was Moss's Eye Cream. It was also a great product for droopy nose pads, neither stinging nor shiny, quickly absorbed and moisturized.

What have you wanted to test out of Eco Beauty Wellness?

Dr. Alkaitis Raw Cosmetics sounds effective and interesting.

Is writing to you more of a lifestyle than a hobby?

I feel that writing, along with photography and painting, is a way of expressing how I experience things. Writing helps me learn and structure things, and especially I enjoy writing by hand. I'm the guy who always has a new notebook or notebook to new jutuille and I love to make lists. Much of that may be due to the fact that my thoughts often run far ahead of situations.

Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon!

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