Now it's a good idea to test the stacks of natural cosmetics

The air has cooled and all the lovely knitwear and long-sleeved shirts have been dug out of the closet. I also think that this is a great opportunity to try natural cosmetics sticks, if you have used them in the past. common. Oh why right now? Natural cosmetic deodorants prevent odors but do not prevent perspiration. They can also irritate newly shaved armpits. Now it is suitably cool that you can hide your armpits in plush clothes without having to think about wet armpits or the need to moan. (Of course, I'm not saying that hairs shouldn't show up, it's everyone's business.)

My armpits are at least doing very well at the moment. I have been using natural cosmetics dödöjä now for about three months. The underarm skin is no longer tightened and the tone looks smoother. Dodo's betrayal did not have to worry about, as long as I remembered to add dödöä clean underarms every morning.

I wrote the link here earlier Beauty by Earth  and then I went to test We love the Planet Lovely Lavender - Deodorant, which of these two has become my favorite.


First of all, as I read this, I had a good time:

"At the We Love The Planet plant in the Netherlands, all energy is generated by hydro and solar power. The deodorants in the series are 100% natural and safe. I'm going to save the metal box myself and transport it there. and take my medication.

We love the Planet's Lovely Lavender works well for myself. It's a good basic job that's easy in every way. I particularly like the packaging, as the product is easy to carry and does not take up much space. The package is easy to open but has not been able to open by itself on the bottom of the bag. And best of all, the packaging makes it easy to see how much product is left. I also like the composition of the product, I would describe it as oily, a little softer. I would say that one package is enough for me for three months at least, so enough deodorant, so a thin coat is great.

I was also delighted to discover that there is one fragrance free option and a unisex fragrance, Forever fresh. As soon as I get that Lovely Lavender used, I'm going to smell Forever Fresh and Sweet Serenity, which has a more floral aroma.

Now feel free to try the natural cosmetic puns! You can always switch back to the old one if for some reason the more natural dudes aren't your thing.

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