Quick help with my hair problems

I got John Masters Organics shampoo and conditioner tested. I had heard a bit about jumping from this series, but to be honest, I couldn't expect anything so great.

My hair is so-called hidden thick. They look thin, but there are many, they are glassy smooth and slippery, but at the same time, they are cotton-like and tangy. If you do not brush them wet, you should not brush them at all. My hair also runs down, the longer the hair, the flatter it seems.

I had two problems before I started using John Masters Organics. Bumps and unexpected onset of oily hair. I don't feel like I ever suffered from excess scalp fat even as a teenager, but this summer the problem started quite suddenly. My hair could feel close to me right after washing. I don't know what the problem is, but I suspect my scalp had accumulated some product residue or was in some sort of imbalance.


I told Aila about my problems and she chose for me the Spearmint from John Masters' wide range of cleansing

After several weeks of testing, I can say that my problems have greatly eased! Actually since the first wash. My hair no longer hangs heavy over my head but feels light, soft and airy. I also don't have to wash them every day, but I can enjoy the pure feeling longer.

Both products are sufficient and super easy to apply. Everyone knows that it is a good idea to let the conditioner work for a few minutes, but also give this shampoo a moment to do its magic. Each product is easily washed out of the hair, and the shampoo does not leave the hair "creaky", even though it looks particularly clean.


Conditioner is sheer luxury! My fingers slide easily through the shower, wet through my hair, and I can rub conditioner on my scalp (as hairdressers do) without fear of tangles. None of the conditioners I've tried have been such an effective aid in thinning hair. Brushing my hair has never been as easy as it is with John Masters Organics Conditioner. I just started laughing after my first wash as I pulled the brush from the top of my head to the tops of my hair.

I can recommend this twin with warmth, especially if you can no longer spend your time on dressing up and want airier hair. Bongas also includes Citrus

One more thing to be warned at this end is that if you leave the tubes in the shower in a prominent position, you may notice that the products are consuming at a double rate. We got that bearded side of the economy excited about these products as well, the scents are minty fresh and quite sleepy.

PS. Products are available in smaller package travel sizes, which are also a convenient way to test new products.

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