Nailberry Nailberry Nail polish is a wonderful offer.


Nailberry wants to respect nature and the environment and to create nail polishes to support health and well-being. Nailberry nail polishes are formulated 12-Free For nail polishes without chemicals such as phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, alcohol, parabens, animal derivatives and glutens. Sonia, the founder of the series, wanted to create a quality series whose products would improve damaged and drought-affected fingernails. Thus arose the winner of prizesL'Oxygen A breathtaking set of nail polishes using state-of-the-art patented technology. This iinnovative technology allows air and moisture to pass through the nail polish to a nail that keeps the nails healthier.The show is Cruelty Free,Vegan andHalal-certified, gluten-free.


Hunters of perfect nail polish may have been thrilled when Nailberry took over Finland! MGood permanence, beautiful shades and a beautiful jar doll have made Nailberry a super popular product mix of Eco Beauty Wellness. It also includes wonderful nail care products, such as ship's and coatings, quick dryer's teats, carpet coverings, nail polish and nutritive care oil for nail polishes.


Nailberry has also recently received some wonderful new shades: succulent pink Hippie Chic.Metal-coloured burgundy Mystique Red. and dark blue blueberry Blueberry.Yeah. Nailberry nail polish must be a great idea! Color therapy also applies to fingernails! We often see how the mood and weather affect people, when in the summer our customers have chosen fresh, albeit moderate tones, while during the autumn-winter season Nailberry buys more classical, darker and more colourful alternatives. See all Color Options here


We'll spoil you with a wonderful offer again. When you buy two stop at Nailberry, you get one free. This discount is automatically valid without you having to enter any code with the cash register. We'll pack Nailberry's varnishes in a beautiful gift pack, and you'll finish a wonderful gift. However, packaging is a limited batch, so be quick. The offer stands for your 18.11. Until.

A colorful new beginning week! M



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