Nailberry-The best natural nail varnishes, what I've tried




I have now tested several weeks of nailberry strikes and I have just sold! I did not think anything negative. I think Nailberry varnishes are really good quality and easy to use. The best varnishes have good durability, pigments and quick drying. Honestly I can say that I have not yet previously come across a nail varnishes that dries so quickly and leaves the surface so hard that it does not scratch much. The brush is good, it is quite wide, roundish to reach and enough to fit. Also, the nail is not left with the traditional strong nail polish odor when the varnish is dried. The surface of the nail remains wonderfully smooth and shiny. 


Nailberry Nail varnishes

The Lilac Fairy was in my fingernail for as much as seven days without any cracking, and no clear scratches come in little. The varnishing would surely have lasted even longer, but I didn't have to experiment with the next tone!

I recommend Nailberry strikes to everyone, but especially if you're a type that doesn't stop scratched in many times a week, but you want a neat and more lasting result at home. If you tend to get the same tone, whether it's nude, black, it's classic red, or what's in the sun style, bet on it. I think that 20 euros for one nail varnishes is not much when the quality is so good. 


In dark and bright shades, one layer of lacquer is already opaque, but I put two layers in it, because then the surface of the varnish looks almost perfect. For light strikes you should put two layers.

I also think it is worth mentioning that Nailberry has a cruelty free and vegan certificate. 


I also put both my sister to try Nailberry strikes. Neither of them is very good at keeping the varnishes good, but I got nothing but positive feedback. Here are a few comments from them.

Nailberry-Rose-blossom-nail polish

Fast Dry Gloss Ultra Shine Top Coat:

"Best lacquer of what I've used. Dried up in a few minutes and remained really good. "

Lilac Fairy and Rose Blossom:

"The staff was very friendly and helpful." (It is to be mentioned here that my sister does not use because of the quality of the Essien strikes, so a big praise.)


My favorite shade of this summer is definitely Lilac Fairy. It is a beautiful, pastel light purple. I also like the dreadfully gentle Rose Blossomi, which is really pale pink, like a strawberry yogurt. Peony Blush There is a beautiful red-orange shade that will instantly get your summer toes. This shade also gathered a lot of praise from others, beautiful nails are noticed. Santorini It is the name of a beautiful light blue nail polish, which is guaranteed to gather praise from several other friends. 


  • The color varnish is worth spreading two thin layers. 

  • The varnish should be in the brush enough to spread easily to the length of the whole nail, but not too much, the lacquer should not leave to drain. 

  • Also, put on the tip of the nail, so that the varnish does not leave the tip so easily. Instead, you can leave it without spreading to the edges of the nail so that the end result looks cooler, and the nail appears narrowed.

  • If you're not a friend of the color varnishes, you'll get a more polished look from the hands, even with an overcoat or nuden beige and powter shades.

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