What if you change to natural cosmetics?

The market for natural cosmetics is rising and not surprising why. Nowadays natural cosmetics are much more readily available and especially in Finland, natural cosmetics are growing exponentially. When the market is growing it is also good to be vigilant about which ingredients this product in your purchased Product series contains. You can use a variety of applications to help you quickly check your Inc The ingredients list. These are the most well-known cosmeticsapp Or incihaku.fi . Eco-Certification gives a quality guarantee for ingredients that are not allowed in natural cosmetics. Among these best known are: Eco Cert, Soil Association, BDIH, USDA, COSMOS. 

Why do people migrate to natural cosmetics? We get a daily conversation with our customers about why they have switched to their overheads to use eco-services or natural cosmetics. The causes of many of these, however, the most common are: pregnancy, motherhood, the saturation of chemicals, does not want to contaminate nature, fear of hormonal factors, fear of allergies, allergic reactions. Increasingly, we also hear our customers say that nowadays natural cosmetics can be so luxurious that the bathroom is getting a new look. In the long term, users of natural cosmetics notice clear results in skin care. If you are a thirsty, it is worth visiting places where you are actually guided by professionalism and listening. 

There are also large department stores such as Sokos and Stockmann investing in staff so that some of them specialize in natural cosmetics and can offer their customers different perspectives, which is great. However, we find that we should invest more in this. It is not enough that there are only a few of these people when there are at least several dozen of them today. 

The team at Eco Beauty Wellness proudly carries Ecoentrepreneurs and trained eco-salons/Ecobeauticians logo. This means that we specialize in particular natural skin, as well as hair care. The raw materials we use are always natural cosmetics. 

Ekokosmetologien The name and logo are available to the beautician, a member of the Finnish Ecobeauticians Association. A member will be elected if the salon fulfils the criteria for membership, both ekoetically and in relation to the products. This means that the products used in the salon must be wholly or at least certified as natural cosmetics, and the ekokosmetologist should complement its professionality with the INCI training of natural cosmetics, that is to say, to regularly educate themselves on the growing supply of raw materials.

Our customers ' comments on Ekokosmetologat starts with:

"With the cleansing of the skin of the beautician and the transition to natural cosmetics, I have gotten my skin back to normal condition as if my skin is gone with the wrong products"

"A heavenly face care experience! Each treatment step is done thoroughly and with a relaxing twist, including a shoulder massage. The skin is as a result of a glowing prosperous and mind resent " 

Source: Facebook

The eco-hairdresser, meanwhile, is a little more familiar to many. The eco-hairdresser is a barber-comb for the period/comb for a completed professional who has decided to specia. The eco-hairdresser deepses with respect for ecological hair care, nature and human beings. Education calls for the learning of new perspectives and practices. The eco-hairdresser does not use synthetic colors and cosmetics, but certified 100% of herbal colors and certified natural cosmetics, as this will get accurate information about the origin of the product, its production and composition.
The scope of education is 20 credits and study can be prakticum in Helsinki. Thanks to our instructor, Mona Mether. From eco-salons, you often get help with scalp problems, allergy issues and sensitization. 

Our customers ' comments on Ekohairdresser's launch:

"My first time in eco-salon and hair dyeing with vegetable colours was much more enjoyable than with synthetic ingredients. Lovely and warm service and the hair became immensely beautiful, soft and my image! Thank you, I will surely come again. "

"Lovely hairdresser! My color was changed from pale to red. Now the last visit to the hair was done with an energy cut, preceded by a wonderful Indian head massage. There is also a very wonderful, high-quality eco-cosmetics on sale. I grabbed Nailberry nail polish, which I can also warmly recommend as a poisoned alternative-the series has a great palette of colors. "

Source: Facebook

Have you also seen our promises? 

We at Eco Beauty Wellnesas have made your cosmetics choice easy, so that you can safely buy our products in the knowledge that each of them is really safe, efficient and high enough. 
How we wash our hair, protect ourselves from the sun, take care of your skin and your body affects the quality of life. These small things have been noticed as changing habits of life. Our selection has been assembled so that you can be sure of raw materials when choosing the products that are right for you. 
All of our multi-award and world-class products contain at least 40-100% organic certified ingredients.  Organic content contains natural ingredients that are grown or collected without traditional or synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  Some of our product kits also use biodynamically prepared herbs. The products are certified on behalf of a separate ecocertification entity, such as Eco-Cert, USDA, Soil Association or BDIH. Some of our product series are also engaged in charity activities, including women's education. None of our products are ever tested on animals. You can also find our product series in our list of animal-inexperienced cosmetics on the www.animalia.fi website. 


Eco Beauty Wellness Design-Boxi offers delicious content for truly functional natural cosmetics products. Our service always includes finding product samples according to your needs. We are looking together for the best possible products for our customers looking for products for various skin, or hair care problems. We are also happy to guide you in searching for other products. 



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