November's Natural cosmetics treatments

The most popular services in our salon this way in October-November are definitely
Facials and skin care consultations. The reason for this is simply that the skin dries
Quickly when the alerts are cooled. A warm and humid summer will surely be especially dry-
Who were able to enjoy the heat from the heat from the hem to the late autumn.

Have you already looked at natural cosmetics or natural cosmetic treatments?
Natural cosmetics treatments include skin care ecology and ethics above.
"Treating natural cosmetics relies on the idea that vegetable raw materials
Enhance the therapeutic efficacy and tenderness of cosmetics. It also includes ecological and
Social responsibility values. Beauticians specialising in natural cosmetics
View the customer very comprehensively. The skin is not loose in the rest of the body
phenomenon, but a message of what the whole man belongs to. Style
Natural cosmetics treatments are gentle and are usually made from start to finish handmade.
Despite the tradition of natural cosmetics, treatment is effective. Professionals
Natural cosmetics kits are made with modern methods for timely
Establishments and are subject to the same strict legislation as all cosmetics.
Natural cosmetics involve a lot of green washing, i.e. the marketing of products as a natural
Even if only the name of the natural ingredients is included. Familiar with natural cosmetics
Beautician knows how to guide the naturalness of the products and explain what the different
Natural cosmetics certificates mean. "
(Anu Herrala, Customer magazine for SKY-Kosmetologin, 2018)

We want to encourage you to explore the fascinating world of natural cosmetics and
We offer you the time of November-10% of all ecobeautitology treatments, as well as
Sugars. Warm welcome to our beautiful treatment!

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