Great lipsticks from Finnish Havulta

Havu is a super interesting novelty from Finland! Domestic lipbites that are both zero waste and natural cosmetics. I'm more than excited about this!


Do you want your new lipstick to be:



-Natural cosmetics-yep!

-Zero waste-yep!


-Easy to spread-yep!

-Great value for money-yep!


My favorite shade of Dark, Lavender and Nude:

I've watched Havua from scratch on Instagram. I like their values, the image of the fiilip, the shades of the Punie, the packaging and actually everything. Most of all, however, I appreciate how much Havu shares its website and social facts about its activities and products. I believe that many other people are interested in this in addition to me. As a consumer, I would prefer to have more from other Firmo. I want to know what is needed to manufacture products and why they are made from certain materials and materials. Also interested in where products are manufactured etc. And while this information is of interest to me, I don't always get to see the hassle of looking for information for every product I buy. I particularly appreciate the fact that I do not need to see much effort in front of the data for the Havu, but I get interesting information about Instagram, even without even looking for them. This is good customer service and at least my case affects the purchasing decision.

Here's a text quote from the site of the Havu, don't hear good:

"The product of HAVU consists of three components. The outer shell is made from a Finnish thermic and wound. The mechanism of the product, that is, the inner shell is a Plate, polylactide, which is a fully biodegradable polymer. PLA is made from cornstarch. Lipsticks are manufactured and produced by our own hands in Espoo.  

There are only natural waxes and oils in the HAVUN lipstick. The oils are Cosmos Organic certified and Shea Butter Soil Association certified. The waxes we use are natural waxes. Pigments are commonly used in natural cosmetics (iron oxides, titanium dioxide and Ultramariins) "


Shades of Red and Peach:

It currently has five lipstick shades that are Peach, Lavender, Dark, Nude and Red. I think the names describe the shades really well. My favorite shades are Nude and Dark, I feel that they fit well in my skin tone. Kuvaajani Pinja commented that Dark is the actual boss Lady tone on my lips, it actually is a very self-confident fact. Nude is the perfect everyday red for me, which finishes the makeup, and it's not as good as justites, even if I forget to add it. At first I didn't care much about the Lavender shade. It's a different shade of what I normally might choose for myself, but now I'm slowly starting to keep it more and more. I think it would be wonderful if you still have some subtle pink shade in the shade range. I would also hope that the tones of the lips would be easier to distinguish between, e.g. The tone name on the bottom would be handy. In my own songs, the shades of Punie do not differ from those of the outer packaging or opening the red.

The Havun lipsticks are easy to distribute and the persistence is good. As with Mattapunia anyway, the end result is prettier when the lips are in good condition. If your lips are dry, but you want to use matte red, you should try to gently fry the lip grease or some balm before spreading the lipstick. Admittedly, the result is not so low. In my experience, Havun pounds do not dry the lips. In my opinion, a wonderful extra lipstick experience is the scent of a tree that hovering in the air when you take out the lipstick. It is somehow relaxing and wonderfully natural.

Good to know: You can dispose of an exhausted lipstick in biowaste and the outer carton can be recycled with cardboard. The lipstick does not last more than 45 degrees in heat.

Have you already tried Havun Punia? Which shade interests you most?


Photo by Pinja Kopra

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