Reliable deodorant even in hot weather

I have tested, now about a month Beauty by Earth deodorant. There are four fragrance options: Vanilla Coconut, Lavender, Sweet Citrus  and unscented, of which I have Vanilla Coconut in the test. The scent is wonderfully soft and slightly sweet, slightly coconut. I was afraid at first that coconut scent to attract wasps, but fortunately my fears turned out to be in vain and I got to be at peace wasps.

This deodorant is aluminum-free and moisturizing. At least I noticed that the skin on my armpits, which was dry exfoliating and sometimes tightening, became more even in tone and felt soft and moisturized.


Many dudes easily fail and keep odors away. For this problem Beauty by Earth dödö works great! This dödö has been tested eg. In a 30 degree heat on a bus with no air conditioning and of course sitting in the sunshine at the window seat, but dödö didn't fail, stunning! However, in the meantime, that the deodorant's job is not to prevent perspiration but to mask the odor. So my underarms got wet, but I smelled good.

When I put this dödöä morning and evening on clean skin under the arms, the product is not cheated at all. So now we're talking about really reliable stuff. Once the product failed, but I hadn't remembered adding it in the morning. A tip for the vitone in between: Many of us probably don't shower in the morning and evening, but the armpits can still be cleaned quickly and conveniently with a drape or other small towel just with water. If you wish, you can finish the cleansing with micellar water to make the feeling even fresher.


This deodorant comes in a clever stick pack for easy application to the armpits. I personally smooth the cream with my fingers. The composition is initially creamy, but begins to become powdery and drier during application, meaning that armpits do not remain wet or sticky. It would be convenient for the packaging to be at least partially transparent, or for some other mechanism to help detect how much product is left. This is, of course, a problem with a lot of stick-shaped dots.

Be careful with Sheivaus. My Armpit require at least half a day after calming down sheivailun before they want to spread any dödöä. I often go to bed in the evening and do not shower until morning. One night, however, I was reluctant to apply the dödö a couple of hours after sheeping and the armpit skin irritated disgustingly. That has happened to me in the past, with both natural and ordinary. Luckily for me, irritation eases my self within 1-2 days. So I recommend that you skip the sheeps if you are going to use deodorant. Soda will irritate the skin slightly if broken.

I'm going to buy a new jar after this first one is used. The sweet citrus fragrance in particular sounds wonderful. Before that, however, another deodorant will be tested in this space.

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