Natural hair styling

I recommend you try this John Masters Organicsin  the styling dual especially if your hair is slippery and you want more airiness, abundance and control.



Before, I hardly used any hair styling products or even styled my hair. However, when I cut a short polka in my hair, I found the styling products useful because I no longer have the chance to have that famous emergency pillar or mess.

I was surprised to find that the use of styling products helps me to extend my hair wash intervals, because when the hair is fine, it does not have to be brushed and touched all the time. They are also airier and do not go all the way to the head, so the grease does not appear to me as fast as if my hair had not been styled.

I tested it at John Masters Organics Sea Mist with Lavender Salt Spray  and Volumizing foam. I have used them several months after each shower to towel-dried hair. Apply styling foam with two strokes and a spray of salt for a few sprays and finally blow dry the hair head completely dry.



I prefer a little too much salt spray than too much, otherwise my hair may feel sticky. On the other hand, I think this is a great feature if you want to use the product on the bottom of your hairstyle to get hold! If my hair were still moving to the butt, I would surely use that on that bottom. But when I keep my hair mostly open, I just want a bit of volume and texture, so a few sprays is enough. This salt spray is different from many of my experiments, as it does not leave the hair feeling dry and clumpy. This is probably due to the lavender in the product. The product also suppresses the hair's electricity. I also like the scent of the product. Especially the Plussa pack, which is nicely sized for hand and carry. I also think it's always nice to see how much product is left.



While salt spray gives you grip, John Masters Organics' contouring foam brings lift, airiness and volume to the hair. The difference is clearly noticeable in how the hair is positioned more easily. Even though the product is quite a change, the hair still remains elastic and does not become helmet-like. The product does not feel hard on the hair surface, sticky or really anything at all when used properly. I find it very easy to apply foam to the hair. I apply it with my fingertips, rubbing it at the base of my hair, crunching at the tops of my hair, and finally with my fingers through my hair before I start to dry my hair. And a tip I didn't realize at first: This bottle doesn't need to be shaken, just press the pump.

I have kept John Masters Organics styling products (not to mention shampoo and conditioner) so much that I will definitely stick to the same bottles! If you are thinking of a Christmas present for your loved ones with the luxury of everyday life, this is the series worth wrapping!

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