Dry shampoos comparison,

I think dry shampoo is an everyday savior who should find each of the bathroom. For myself, this product passes the most often also included in the bag. I can't stand if my hair looks even a hint of rasvoittuneelta. I've been using dry shampoos for at least eight years, sometimes more sometimes less, a little seasonal.

Dry shampoo is intended to absorb the scalp fat and thus cleanse the hair and scalp between washes. Dry shampoo also gets the structure and friable to the hair and it is suitable for frequent combing of the bottom of that to grip. Also in hot weather or while jogging dry shampoo's help hair fast free sauksessa.

Natural dry shampoo looking for the thing seemed very challenging and it was the most recent products of deodorant in addition, with the update of the natural. When you choose more natural dry shampoo, the worth of the product itself in addition to also pay attention to the packaging, it is a big part of comfort when ponnekaasu is prohibited in natural cosmetics.


I got to test the significance of the two dry shampoo of different price categories: Beauty by Earth Dry Shampoo & Volume Powder 24,90€ / 85g, as well as Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo 39,90€ / 51g. The price may sound high, if you are accustomed to using supermarket propellant gas with the help of functional products. These natural puuteriset, however, are abundant. I bought my first puuterisen dry my shampoo about a year ago and it is still left, the fair.

Own my favorite rose definitely Rahuan version, as it works clearly better to my hair and and appropriate dissemination habits. My own hair seem to put non-hennoilta and casting the head from the brim, they are also glassy smooth. Hiusmallini is currently pretty short stacked, so I can't save a bad hair day emergency a ponytail or messy bun when my hair is not enough length to it. But if your hair are different, eg. longer, thick and karheammat may Beauty by earth's dry shampoo work for you better!

The scents are very different. Beauty by earth's dry shampoo smells more powerful, lavender and a little cool. Rahuan version again smells soft left, soft and a hint of vanilijalta. I think in a good way personality both.

Products do not make my hair harmahtavia, but a little mattaiset they become, it doesn't matter, because it improves the slick of my hair maneuverability. Rahuan dry shampoo fade on me and my hair, which probably is due to the ostittain the fact that I get to spread it thin more.

The big difference is however in how my hair looks. I did a test and I put both products in the same time in my hair, different side of the head. Beauty by Earth does not make my hair a big difference it sucks yes some fat, while Rahua makes the hair clear erotellummat and airy ones, which makes my hair look more clean and they also feel like.



Then from the packaging. For both products, the packaging is the right size, a good arm and can fit neatly in the bag, according. Also the cap will remain very closed, and the products are not reached to mess up my bag. The biggest difference between these products is the nozzle, where the product is added to hair.

Beauty by Earth on the packaging of the dry shampoo can crash either the hair or the arm, where it is applied to the fingers through the hair at the roots. The cap is rotated so that holes in the covering plastic moves. Personally, I experience this little bit clumsy, because I like to spread the product directly on the head and hands. The cap could be perhaps more useful if it had one larger hole rather than several smaller, with the product spread would be more evenly over a wider area.



Rahuan dry shampoo is packaged in, I think, quite ingenious packaging. The packaging cap is turned, the display will be a small hole where the product comes out. First pack to shake a little and after packing the page, lightly pressed, allowing the hole to pop out a thin cloud of dry shampoo. This may require a little getting used to, (well, I went a long time cap and I was wondering that is it now funny when nothing came out, heh), it too briskly pressed a dry shampoo to pop out a little more gusto, but not catastrophically, however. Experience, however, that Rahuan packaging saves the product and I think it is good value for money, when did not come so easily yliannosteltu to. On the other hand, I don't know yet how the packaging works, when the product is no longer a little left (it takes a fortunately small eternity), but the packaging is easy to open allowing the product to crash to the hand.

And yet a few tips:

  • Use a dry shampoo already in the evening before bedtime, the result is considerably smoother and friable than when the head is during the night frayed pillow. (However, remember to change the pillowcase often enough.)
  • You should wear only dry shampoo after application, the eye light powder is especially reflected in the black clothes. However, if you had an accident, try to blow product out of the clothing before touching it, if the blow of not help, moistened towel is a nifty.
  • Often advised to brush your hair with dry shampoo after application. In fact, I never do this, because it seemed only to spread fat beyond the hair and get the ends electrify. Instead, tedder hair and scalp with your fingertips and check in the mirror that none of the ice light points.

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