Spring novelties Herbfarmacylta! Environmentally friendly makeup cleaning pad are here!

English Herbfarmacy delight us once again by adding a range of environmentally friendly, multifunctional and skin treatment, with important products, such as makeup cleansing pad, cotton socks and cotton gloves.

Part of the holistic well-being is careful and gentle skin care. When skin care to bet, can pleased to enjoy the results over the years. Choose a gentle and proper skin care with the useful products which help your skin to feel good and support the skin's care natural activity. Recourse to a professional, if you figure which products your skin could benefit from.

We believe definitely that in 2019, the trend will be a lasting investment. What do you think it means? Sustainable investment means, in particular, that what the bet is really a carefully thought-out and subsequent effectiveness in noticeable. In 2019, the trends are certainly products such as: eco friendly clothing, shoes, natural cosmetics and skin care products. Herbfarmacyn great skin care products make skin care more comfortable and efficient, even everyday life becomes easier, when you can enjoy them for several months.



Herbfarmacyn novelties

 1. Herbfarmacy makeup cleaning pad - an environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary disposable cotton pad, which may be harmful to the environment. Herbfarmacy makeup cleaning pad are the perfect addition to your daily makeup, or facial cleansing routine. Makeup cleaning pad are made of three layers of bamboo fleece (natural textile, which does not require the use of pesticides and made from bamboo grass) and ensure easy and gentle cleaning of your skin. Includes two makeup cleansing swabs. One tag is approximately 12.5 cm across the diameter. Also suitable for sensitive skin. The product is suitable for vegans.


2. Herbfarmacy cotton socksHerbfarmacy cotton socks are designed in such a way that they help the foot cream absorption, smooth over the rough soles of the feet and to smooth and treat chapped skin. Cotton socks are made from soft, breathable cotton and is very comfortable to use. Cotton socks are perfect for Herbfarmacy Enriching Foot Cream-foot cream with used. Suitable for vegans.Instructions for use: Apply foot cream to the soles of the feet and put socks on. Leave overnight and enjoy soft and treated the feet.


 3. Herbfarmacy cotton glovesHerbfarmacy cotton gloves are designed in such a way that they help the hand cream absorption, softened suddenly, and treatment of dry hands, as well as to smooth and treat chapped skin. Cotton gloves are made of soft, breathable cotton and is very comfortable to use. Cotton gloves are perfect for Herbfarmacy Enriching Hand Cream-hand cream when used with the. Suitable for vegans.




We also got more lovely muslin facial cleaning cloths that you can use the makeup for cleaning. Herbfarmacy is affordable ekosertifioitu of natural cosmetics that manufacture their products on their own farms Hereforshiressa, United kingdom. All products are always hand packed and as far as possible, recyclable materials. Products, the raw materials are Soil Association certifications have equipped. Immediately sneak peek of the whole Herbfarmacyn range in this


happy our you also unique alekoodi the code OrganicHerbfarmacy you will now get a -15% discount on all Herbfarmacyn range from the always su 31.03. until.

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Beautiful days <3

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