Kahina Oil Purifier - a Customer's Favorite

I'm not surprised that The squeak oil purifier  is one of Eco Beauty Wellness's favorite products! Initially, I was wondering how to rinse off a product with a price of over $ 50, but after trying it out, I can declare it one of my favorite products in the EBW range.

My own skin is normal skin, which is also prone to reddening of the cheeks and dryness of the skin in the winter, and it comes down to what happens when the hormones are thrown. To my skin this cleanser feels soothing and balancing. I believe that dry skin, for example, will also benefit from this cleansing product, especially in winter.

I really like the composition of this product, it feels good. The oil is of a lightweight and easily moving / draining type, but not watery.

The scent is absolutely wonderful. I haven't smelled anything like that, and I can't really describe it in any other words than gentle and relaxing. I think there is something luxury in the fragrance - in fact, the product itself is an everyday luxury!

I also think the packaging and the bottle are very beautiful and it is a pleasure to watch them in the bath. The packaging is the right size, and I like the fact that the pump comes in a small amount at a time so the product is not wasted and it is neat to use.

The murmur oil spray effectively removes makeup, sunscreen and waterproof mascara. I can no longer imagine am using puhdistusvaahtoja or gels, when I'm done with cleaning oils taste. I think they are a lot easier and easier.

I apply the product to dry skin by rotating my fingers. I rub the product on my face for about a minute, after which I wet my hands with warm water and continue to rub with wet hands for a while. Rubbing cleansing oil is a wonderfully relaxing routine for me. Finally, rinse face with water. The skin remains soft but not oily at all. The face feels clean but does not tighten the skin. If I want extra cleaning power, I remove the oil with a muslin cloth or konjac sponge. Cleaning oil also works well as a first step in double cleaning.

The scrubbing oil is sufficient and it seems that a pack of 100 ml will take an unexpectedly long time. I have been using the product for weeks, and the product is still remaining ¾ parts.

I am so fond of this product that I will definitely test the other products Kahinalta!

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