Kahina Moroccan Beldi Soap-Indulge your skin in the shower

In the autumn, the dry room air and cool weather will easily dry your skin, so now you should start paying attention to the skin's nurturing if it has been a bit more relaxed in the summer. I myself am a little lazy to strain the skin of the body, as it usually only remembers the point when the skin has gotten so dry that it itches or exfoliate. I have a tip for you today, which you may not have thought of as soap.


In the summer, when the humidity is high and the sun is used frequently, my skin remains quite normal, and I do not have such a product to wash my body at the time. In the fall, the industry favour more gentle products in the skin wash of the body. I've been using shower creams for a few years, but now I got a test Kahinan Beldi Soap. I hadn't heard of Beldi soap before, so I was looking forward to testing the product.

I think the composition of the Kahinan Beldi soap is interesting and wonderful. It is thick and gel-thin, slightly waxed. The product feels comfortable and is easy to brew with a finger or spoon. The Beldi soap is very high, as one teaspoon of the product is enough for the whole body easily. I myself am quite small, so I do even less.


Beldi soap can be used to purify the skin, like ordinary soap, but it also acts as a softener body mask. The soap can therefore be left to affect the skin for several minutes. If we had a sauna, I would definitely try this for the steam heated skin and let the soap affect the sauna after the older discoveries. Definitely relaxing! The fragrance world also brings its own breath into relaxation, as the soap smells wonderfully of eucalyptus. Kahinan Beldi soap is also available Rose And Neroli Feet.


Since the composition is different from those in sots in general, it may require a slight getting used to it before the application performs promptly. (On the other hand, why rush, for myself the shower moment is also is relaxation.) In fact, I always take the product about less than a teaspoon and I share it in two parts and I take soaps in both palms. When I release the product to damp skin, I keep my hands so that the fingers and palms form a cup so that the soap does not run out but passes along with the hands, as the soap is slippery. You should also try using Beldi soap with peeling ham so you can get the combined cleansing and exfoliation. Ompa has also tried to shea the legs and the planer slips correctly.

Let's see if in the winter you need to take a shower lotion alongside beldi soap, or even a beldi soap alone. 

The Kahinan Beldi soap is also suitable for vegans.

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