Skin care in winter

Frost and cold winds make our skin stressful in winter. Irritation is also exacerbated by large temperature fluctuations from frost to dry central heating. How to maintain the skin's moisture balance in winter? Remember, everything comes from within. Is daily water intake sufficient, but what about important and good fats in your diet?

For the winter, forget about the strong, cleansing foams and gels. Use gentle cleansing milk, balm or oil. Remember the face water! Moisturizing and soothing face water is the button of choice for the winter season. Treat your skin with moisturizing serums, face oils, creams and balms. You can leave a moisturizing mask on your face for the night.

What about nursing care? Our most popular treatments during the winter season are especially sensitive skin and facial massage. Sensitive skin facial treatment is a soothing and moisturizing treatment that aims to strengthen the skin's own resistance. Facial massage improves blood circulation in the facial area, removes waste products and brightens skin color. Facial massage is also suitable for skin care and is very effective as a serial treatment.

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