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Per Purr is a Spanish cosmetic brand that was founded by a modified Tahone Jacobs five years ago from Brazil to Madrid. The philosophy of the brand "back to the foundations" is based on natural and ethical values. In the production of products, synthetic ingredients have been completely replaced with high-quality natural, pure and raw ingredients. Per Purr's magnificent products are the result of several years of research. Products agreedAll skin types and the crisp fragrances of a series of products will delight both men and women. Per Purr wants to make skin care a daily feel of good ritual so you could forget your worries and concentrate on enjoying the moment. Per Purr comes from two Latin prepositions Per-season and Pur, Purus-Cleans.

Per Purr range includes With John Masters, competing with intense hydrats gives Sea Clay Clay Shampoo and conditioner as well as Intense Moisture Moisturizing Shampoo + conditioner. In addition, for the sake of price, we also believe Per purr Hair Mask Hit the Finns. We when we really love gentle hair and a lot! 

The series includes stunning body oils of different skin types, including: Antiox, Detox, Sporty And Relax. These oils are used to prevent pregnancy scars, to increase blood circulation, to cleanse and after-sun moisturizing. You will definitely find your own. In addition, these oils have absolutely lovely fragrances that originate from essential oils. 

The most interesting product of the series is the three types of carefully selected salt Salts Selection-Body ScrubThe combination of essential oils leaves the skin stunningly moisturized, and the aroma of lemon grass stimulates and refreshes the body in addition to the mind. The product contains three different carefully selected salt products: Already 250 million years of health promotion of the pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea salt and crank salt, which are powdered to the skin suitable for fine-graded sex. The vital minerals contained in salts support health and improve skin condition.  

The body exfoliation partner is also suitable for cute Body brush. Natural Agaave is a brushed body brush for washing and dry brushing. The brush corrects the skin naturally, removes dead skin cells and leaves skin soft and hot. Continuous use improves blood circulation as well as puts lymphatic circulation in motion, and helps to reduce cellulite and eliminate excess toxins from the body. Dry brusing tighteses and stimulates the production of collagen, as a result of which it prevents premature aging of the skin. Dry brushing is a part of the daily Ayurvedic ritual. In this case, the body is recommended to brush thoroughly in the morning for more effective metabolism.

If you're already wondering about Christmas gifts, the lovely gift sets from Per purr are Mom & Baby And Silhoutette. The Mom & Baby set can really be used absolutely all, from children to danger. The Silhouette set could be suitable for those who want extra moisturization and care for their body. The treatment set with a diuretic effect stimulates skin tissue regeneration and activates the surface blood flow. Recommended to be used every day for four weeks to achieve the best result. 


You will now get a introductory offer-10% of all Per Purr products with code PERPURR10. In addition, we value one Per Purr shampoo and conditioner for one lucky commenting below what would be your favorite Per Purr product? Remember to leave your own email address when commenting. The draw is performed on Wed 5.12. And the winner will be notified by email. 

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